Case study

Tucked away inside the  Khelkatpatna Village on the Puri Konark Marine drive, WildDunes is a small serene and peaceful Ecostay on the river mouth of Kushabhadra. Away from the hustle of cities, unwind and tune into nature


The previous website did not consistently align with the l branding of Wilddunes, nor was all information provided correctly. The biggest problem of the website was the user interface. Which was not so bad but had become outdated. The eco stay ambiance that Wilddunes had was not visible from it. 


We had to give a good look at the online presence of Wilddunes. That’s why we had to completely change its UI. Its website was not to be complicated. Its UI was kept completely simple. So that the website looks clean and green! By doing this, website visitors will get the feel of a virtual eco stay. We used CMS for this, so that the next time its owner wants to do some minor update, they do not need a developer.