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About Doctogenie

For millions of people, Doctogenie helps connect them with everything they need to take good care of themselves and their families – assessing health issues, finding the right doctor, booking diagnostic tests, etc to learn a new way to live healthier. 


It is seen that today more than half of the consumers are old age people who have a constant need to interact with healthcare providers. In this scenario, a mobile presence can help healthcare providers succeed and empower the patient to manage their care. But there is no such system to help them in an emergency situation in time. What if an old woman suddenly has a heart attack and there is no one to help her, and she is not in a position to call an ambulance and tell her location. With this problem, Euthissa Care Technology Pvt. Ltd. came with us with a great and unique idea to help people.


Euthissa approached us with a great idea that with just one click you can get your health care needs within a second. And it was their promise that they would practically help in providing a better health care service to the people immediately. They approached us to make a sos app, which will help people in medical emergency situations. The job of the app was that, if any person subscribed to this service is in a medical emergency, then if he clicks on that app once, then sos will be sent to his given emergency numbers with his current location.


After the discussion, it was decided that two apps would be created, one for the user and one for the service provider.

In the app made for the user, the user will have to register on opening the app for the first time, and after the registration is complete, that app will work like an SOS button. After the registration is complete, when the user clicks on that app in an emergency situation, then immediately the current location of the user and all the details that would have been given at the time of registration will be sent to the service provider app in the form of a push notification.

Service provider app will be given to the hospital and all push notifications will be received only after login to the  app.

The numbers given at the time of registration will get the sos message immediately after clicking on the user app.

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